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Best travel anti-wrinkle fabric

Update:11 Jul 2019

Your lowest-maintenance clothing doesn't have to look i […]

Your lowest-maintenance clothing doesn't have to look it. Especially when you're traveling on business or for an important occasion, the best wrinkle-free travel clothes can prioritize fashion and practicality without the need for constant pressing. Instead, they come out of your suitcase looking like they just came out of the dryer.

For the most part, wrinkle-resistance comes down to fabric choice and construction methods. Unfortunately, most thin natural materials wrinkle easily  like linen, cotton, and silk, while most synthetic fabrics don't  namely polyester, spandex, nylon, and rayon.

That said, if you're set on wearing natural materials, wool and cashmere are good choices because they're thicker, so they resist creasing and flatten out quickly. Cotton and rayon can also occasionally resist wrinkles when they're treated, blended with a synthetic fabric, or when they're constructed using tighter manufacturing weaves. Think denim versus muslin.

Both are typically made using cotton, but denim is much more resilient, while muslin is both delicate and prone to wrinkles.While specific pieces may be marketed as wrinkle-resistant, the vast majority won't be, which can make shopping for travel-friendly clothes a bit more challenging  especially online. Luckily, reviewers will be quick to disclose the fabric's resilience and ease of wear, so a deep-dive into the comments section can offer tons of insights.

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