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Biodegradable and environmentally friendly characteristics

Update:01 Nov 2018

PLA is a polylactic acid fiber resin obtained by the co […]

PLA is a polylactic acid fiber resin obtained by the conventional spinning process of synthetic organisms, their physical properties close to the nylon and polyester, breathable and feel are better than polyester, not easy to static electricity, biocompatible, comfortable and good can be made of multifilament, monofilament, staple fiber, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, etc., can be used for underwear, baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, jackets and socks, and medical textiles such as doctors, nurses, patients wear surgical gowns, protective clothing.

surgical covers and bed linen cloth.Prepared with polylactic acid fiber underwear has a loose and comfortable, breathable, moisture absorbent, etc.; prepared with polylactic acid fiber nonwoven bags and traditional polypropylene, polyester non-woven bags, compared with a biodegradable and environmentally friendly characteristics, and can replace plastic bags, paper bags and so on. According to reports, the traditional oil-based plastics with polylactic acid, or with very similar performance and health performance, after the completion of its function, can quickly degrade the natural environment as easily as the environment consumptive debris or very fine, and completely degrade over time into carbon dioxide and water, and ultimately return to nature.

Promote the use of polylactic acid for the face "three rural issues", substitute non-renewable fossil resources to ease the "white pollution", "greenhouse effect", etc. is of great significance, is a typical low-carbon products.In all of plastics can be used as biomass material, polylactic acid is the most development potential. On the one hand because raw materials readily available, easy-to large-scale intensive production, the main thing is polylactic acid products, rpet bag excellent physical properties and plasticity, making polylactic acid products in most of the current field completely replace the traditional oil-based plastics.

In addition, due to the monomer raw material polylactic acid L-lactic acid is the body-derived substances, polylactic acid products on the human body and therefore non-toxic, non-exclusive and can be absorbed by the body, can be used for the production of medical and orthopedic materials and drug carriers safe for the human body.Currently, the PLA has become a global hot spot for investment. Expected in the coming years, reusable bag with the traditional approach of polylactic acid plastics production costs and market applications of major expansion, the increasing use of the peak, polylactic acid construction boom started in the world.

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