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Bunny out for a spring ride and holding

Update:08 Dec 2018

You will find a good example of a primitive folk art fi […]

You will find a good example of a primitive folk art fiber craft in the Punch Needle Pedal Pusher (Petal Pusher) pattern. As far as rug hooking patterns go, it is just one of the many whimsical, adorable patterns created by Brenda Gervais from With Thy Needle and Thread Designers.

The pattern shows a vintage scene of a bunny out for a spring ride and holding some flowers, possibly for his honey. This specific pattern includes weavers cloth with the design pre-printed on the cloth. The pattern is worked in Valdani 3 strand floss.Many shoppers seem to be interested in this particular pattern. The pattern is indeed charming, and I can understand why there is such an allure and attraction to something so whimsical and fun to work on.

You can leave the finished project as a miniature rug to display on your wall, or you can fashion the embroidered piece into a pin keep using barn red wool for the back, then stuff with sawdust.You will find it as a great alternative or complement to cross stitch or needlepoint. A relaxing alternative to TV or punch while you are watching TV.

Next, you can use a piece of the same wool fabric and attach it to the top of the pin keep with rusty-look safety pins to create a removable hanger. The pin keeps measures approximately  tall.Discover punch needle as a great hobby for all primitive rug hooking enthusiasts.

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