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Comparison of polyester fiber and wool

Update:14 May 2019

Polyester fiber is also called polyester. Its advantage […]

Polyester fiber is also called polyester. Its advantages are easy to wash and dry, acid and alkali resistance, good wear resistance, crisp and not easy to wrinkle. The disadvantages are low moisture absorption rate, easy to generate static electricity, easy to pilling. The wool fabric feels soft, warm, moisture absorbing and breathable, but the dyeing firmness is poor, the sun is easy to yellow, the insects are easy to produce static electricity, and the washing is easy to shrink.

You can choose the fabric of the fabric according to your needs.Please check the clothing label first for sweater cleaning. If the sweater can be washed, please clean it as follows.Dust off before washing, then soak for 10-20 minutes in cold water. The wool fabric will shrink and deform in an aqueous solution of 30 degrees or more. It should be soaked in cold water for a short time and then light in the water containing the silk cleaning solution or laundry liquid. Lightly rubbing clothes, avoid vigorous washing.

If you want to machine wash, choose a light washing temperature of no more than 40 degrees, rinse with clean water, take it out and squeeze it out. Sweaters are recommended to dry clean as much as possible; sweaters are not resistant to alkali, if it is suitable to use neutral detergent-free detergent, it is best to use wool-based detergent. If washing with a washing machine, use a drum washing machine and choose a soft program.

Such as hand washing is best to gently wash, do not use the washboard wash, sweater can not use chlorine bleaching liquid, can be bleached with oxygen; use squeeze wash, avoid twisting, squeeze water, spread dry or half Hanging dry; plastic shaping when wet or semi-dry, wrinkle removal, no exposure to sunlight; use softener to maintain soft hand and antistatic. Deep colors are generally faded and should be washed separately.

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