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Indispensable fashion stripes

Update:15 Jun 2019

When it comes to fashion, stripes are one of the most f […]

When it comes to fashion, stripes are one of the most fashionable elements of fashion. Although it looks simple, the visual experience it creates is huge. Whether it is horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, it is loved by fashion lovers. According to the color, width and regularity of the stripes, a variety of styles can be derived. Stripes make the classics and will not be outdated. Striped fashion elements can be incorporated into our everyday clothing, striped shirts, striped suits, striped  and more.

As a basic basic versatile striped shirt, it is a good match with any single item, and your style will be more eye-catching. In terms of color, there are classic blue and white strips, black and white strips, red and white strips, etc. On the strip pattern, there are wide stripes and fine stripes, with horizontal stripes and vertical stripes.

The bodice is loose, and the design of the small drop shoulder can cover the flesh well! The design of the sleeves is a bit wider than usual. It has more personality, vertical texture, fresh and simple, and the small buttons make the clothes look more simple and bright, and the strength is versatile. It can not only bring the neutral single product to the handsome and handsome style, but also has an independent personal style, which is handsome and free. The elemental design of the vertical stripes is very thin.

Exquisite embroidery and lace stitching not only add to the overall styling, but also the cotton fabric, which is soft and skin-friendly, and the upper body is more quality.Have you ever thought about the combination of a word collar and a sling? What is the effect of this one-strap sling shirt, the thin sling has a strong sexy beauty; the style of the collar, this will Sexy upgrades; fresh color selection and stripes add a bit of purity. The upper body of this shirt is absolutely amazing.

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