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Chemical fiber clothing fabric

Update:01 Mar 2019

The characteristics of wool are smooth and soft. Polyes […]

The characteristics of wool are smooth and soft. Polyester fiber fabric features Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, so it is suitable for coat clothing. In general, polyester fabric has the following characteristics Polyester fabrics have high strength and elastic recovery.

Therefore, it is durable, wrinkle-free and non-iron.Polyester fabrics have poor hygroscopicity and are sultry, and are easy to carry static electricity and stain dust, which affects the appearance and comfort. However, it is very easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength is hardly reduced, it is not deformed, and it has good washing and wearability.

Polyester is the most heat-resistant fabric in synthetic fabrics. It is thermoplastic and can be made into pleated skirts with long pleats. At the same time, the polyester fabric has poor resistance to melting, and it is easy to form holes in the case of soot or Mars. Therefore, wear should avoid contact with cigarette butts, sparks。

Polyester fabrics have better lightfastness, and their lightfastness is better than natural fiber fabrics except for acrylic fibers. Especially in the back of the glass, the light fastness is very good, almost the same as acrylic fiber.Polyester fabrics are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Acid and alkali have little damage to them, and they are not afraid of mold and are not afraid of insects.

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