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Fleece is a textile

Update:23 Feb 2019

Once upon a time, fleece was a wool material gleaned fr […]

Once upon a time, fleece was a wool material gleaned from a sheep or other animal. However, fleece has changed significantly over the years, and many individuals are confused when they hear the word fleece.  

Generally, the fleece most associated with warmth or even coolness is made from 100% polyester, but fleece may even be a blended with rayon, cotton, wool, or spandex.The wonderful world of fleece is softness coupled with comfort.The truth is that fleece is many things, and the definition of fleece will change from person to person, from country to country.

Fleece is a textile. In recent years fleece has actually become quite popular because it is ultra-soft and has a wooly-type pile. Fleece actually works by trapping air particles within the structure of the material itself.

This trapped air actually acts as a barrier making it resistant to the heat transfer often associated with other materials.What are some of the attributes often associated with fleece?

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