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Knitted fabric printing process

Update:23 Apr 2019

Knitted fabric printing process, knitted fabric printin […]

Knitted fabric printing process, knitted fabric printing developed rapidly in just ten years, but because of its dimensional stability is difficult to control during processing, making knitwear, especially the screen printing with spandex knitted fabric difficult to develop, except cotton The size of the knitted fabric itself is large, and the drape weight of the cloth itself and the tension of the cloth feeding frame are also subjected to the tensile force of the speed change. The shape and size of the flower pattern are more difficult to control, and it is more difficult to encounter geometric patterns. It is difficult to achieve satisfactory results by maintaining the original spirit of the flower shape.

This requires the necessary control of the entire process to be resolved. Printing process for spandex-containing knitted fabrics. The conditional design of the entire printing process must be taken into account. At the same time as the drafting, various parameters of the rotary screen printing have been formulated. The printing speed of the above data is controlled between and. If the printing speed is above 50 m/min, the warp-like elongation ratio of the flower shape is required to be larger, but the general printing speed is below 40 rn/min, regardless of the flower shape. It is still easier to control in terms of quality. Compared with the woven fabric, the knitted fabric is looser and has better permeability. Therefore, there is a slight difference between the draft and the woven fabric print.

In the direct printing of dyeing of knitted fabrics, the permeability of the printing paste is relatively good, generally 8 to 16 filaments of complex color, in the case of the mechanical precision of the printing equipment, 8 filaments are good, ensuring the printing precision, while processing the stack When printing in color, try to reduce the three complex colors of the cover to prevent the printing paste; the anti-printing printing has the anti-activity and active anti-activity of the coating, and the anti-active process of the coating, because the edge of the printing printing is not easy to open, the printing of the coating is divided. The color draft, the size is drawn according to the requirements of the color draft, and the active flower is covered with the paint; when the active anti-active printing, the color of the printed printing should not overlap with each other as much as possible, but the white part can be covered with the whole The color of the printed part can increase the color brightness of the colored part without the white edge caused by the printing.

In terms of the processing of color separation, in addition to the above requirements related to the printing effect, the general principle of treatment is to conform to the original spirit, and the style of the flower is repeated on the cloth. According to the fineness of the pattern and the requirement of the permeability of different fabrics, the mesh of nickel mesh is selected. The nickel mesh is an indispensable material for printing. Currently, the commonly used nickel mesh has 40, 60, 80, 105, 125. , 155, etc. The permeability of nickel mesh is an important indicator. Of course, the actual amount of slurry is related to the viscosity of the slurry, the size and pressure of the scraper or magnet, the printing speed, and the fabric. However, compared with the woven fabric, the knitted fabric has a rougher texture, so the same pattern is printed, and the selected mesh on the knitted fabric can be larger than the woven fabric. 125 mesh and l55 mesh are mainly used for printing particularly fine patterns. If it is a plush or velvet print of the terry cloth, the fineness of the printing will be affected by the texture of the cloth surface. The high mesh size is difficult to reflect the effect of printing the fine pattern, mainly considering the permeability of the printing. the Lord. Therefore, the choice of nickel mesh network is mainly determined according to the specific conditions of each plant.

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