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Woven fabric suitable for what clothes

Update:17 Apr 2019

What kind of clothes is woven fabric suitable for? Wove […]

What kind of clothes is woven fabric suitable for? Woven is one of the big names in the fabric industry. Woven fabrics can be called pure cotton, chemical fiber and so on. Basically, the suits and inner clothes we wear are made of woven fabrics. The woven fabric is a looms in the form of picking, which is composed of yarns passing through the warp and weft.

The structure of the woven fabric is generally three types of plain, twill and satin and their varying tissues. The components are classified into cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, wool fabrics, hemp fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, and their blended and interwoven fabrics. The use of woven fabrics in garments is leading both in variety and in production. 

It is a kind of cloth silk made of various hemp plant fibers such as hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca: the silk fabric is made of silk as the raw material, and the silk fabric is called wool. It is a general term for fabrics woven from various types of wool and cashmere. Leather: It is an animal fur fabric that has been tanning. It is mostly used to make fashion and winter clothes.

Chemical fiber: short for chemical fiber. It is a textile made from a polymer compound as a raw material. Blended: It is a fabric made by mixing natural fibers and chemical fibers in a certain ratio. It can be used to make various kinds of garments. The raw materials of the fibers are made of European eucalyptus, which is first made into wood pulp and then spun. Process processed into fiber.

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