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Needle punched nonwoven

Update:09 Apr 2019

Needle-punched non-woven fabric is one kind of dry non- […]

Needle-punched non-woven fabric is one kind of dry non-woven fabric. The short fiber is opened, combed and laid into a fiber web, and then the fiber web is reinforced by a needle to form a cloth. The needle has a hook and the fiber web is repeatedly puncture. The hook tape is reinforced to form a needle-punched non-woven fabric, and the non-woven fabric has no warp and weft, and the fabric is disordered, and the warp and weft performance is not much different.

Typical products: synthetic leather base fabric, needled geotextile, etc. It is made of polyester and polypropylene raw materials, which are carded, combed, pre-acupuncture and main acupuncture. The center is added with a mesh interlayer, and then double-passed, and the air-laid acupuncture is combined into a cloth. The post-pressure filter cloth has a three-dimensional structure. After heat setting, after singeing, the surface is most chemically treated to make the filter cloth. The appearance is smooth and the micropores are evenly distributed. The density of the product is good from the surface. The surface of both sides is smooth and breathable. The filtration on the plate and frame compressor proves that high strength and pressure can be used, and the filtration precision can be up to 4 microns. Two raw materials, polypropylene and polyester, are required.

Practice has proved that the non-woven filter cloth has better performance in the frame frame filter press: the coal slurry treatment in the coal plant and the wastewater treatment in the steel plant. Waste water treatment in brewery, printing and dyeing plant. If the filter cloth of other specifications is used, the filter cake will not dry and it will be difficult to fall off. After using the non-woven filter cloth, the filter cake is quite dry when the filter pressure reaches 10kg-12kg, and the filter cake is opened when the filter is opened. Will fall off automatically. When selecting the non-woven filter cloth, the user mainly considers the non-woven filter cloth of different thickness and quality according to the air permeability, filtration precision and elongation.

For the product parameters, please click the polyester needle felt and the polypropylene needle felt. Can be formulated. The needled non-woven fabric series is made by fine carding, multiple precision needle punching or proper hot rolling. On the basis of the introduction of two high-precision acupuncture production lines at home and abroad, high-quality fibers are selected. Through the cooperation of different production processes and the matching of different materials, hundreds of different products are currently circulating on the market, including: geotextile, geomembrane, velvet cloth, speaker blanket, electric blanket cotton, embroidered cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas Crafts, human leather base cloth, special cloth for filter materials.

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