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Know the texture of the cloth

Update:02 Apr 2019

Fiber and hemp fiber are near flame and burn, burning q […]

Fiber and hemp fiber are near flame and burn, burning quickly, the flame is yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the smell of burning in the two and the ash after burning is that the cotton burns to emit a paper smell, and the hemp burns to give off a ash smell.

After burning, the cotton has very little powder ash, which is black or gray, and the hemp produces a small amount of grayish white ash. When the hair meets the fire and smokes, it foams when burning, and the burning speed is slow. It emits the burnt smell of burnt hair. After burning, the ash is mostly shiny black spherical particles, and the fingers are crushed.

The silk huddled in a fire, and the burning speed was slower, accompanied by a "squeaky" sound, which gave off the burning smell of the hair. After burning, it formed a dark brown globular ash, and the handcuffs were broken.

When igniting, the fiber first shrinks, ignites, and then burns. The flame is yellowish white, very bright, and smokeless. It is difficult to catch fire, and it has a fragrant smell after burning. The ash is black and hard and can be crushed with fingers.

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