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Number of miles that you drove in your

Update:16 Nov 2018

Paying taxes is something that each and every citizen o […]

Paying taxes is something that each and every citizen of a country with a decent income has to do. Most people are left worried by thinking about the amount of money that will be siphoned out from their pockets. Wouldn’t it be a relief for you if you get to know the tricks of claiming tax relief? I guess that is a yes. So in this article we hall discuss about the ways in which you can claim tax relief and also how to get the uniform tax rebate.The tax payers are often in two minds as whether or not to pay taxes. To encourage them to pay taxes, the US government allows certain tax exemptions. Tax exemptions are possible under a number of conditions.

For example, claiming tax relief is possible if you travel everyday in your own car for your work. Whether you are delivering goods to your client or paying them a visit, you will get a certain amount of tax exemption. To get the exact amount first you need to calculate the total number of miles that you drove in your car. Then multiply this with the mileage of your car and then subtract the amount provided to you by your employer for the gas. However if you drive to your workplace in your car you are not eligible for any such exemption.Certain professions require the workers to wear uniforms. These include doctors, surgeons, cops, firefighters, air hostess, cabin crew, chefs, workers of construction companies etc.

Believe it or not the uniform that you wear everyday to your workplace might actually help you to save quite a few bucks. You must be washing your uniforms regularly. If you are meeting the cost of washing from your own pocket then you are eligible to get uniform tax rebate. But then while claiming tax relief you must keep in mind about the major pitfalls. Just like driving to work does not make you eligible to claim tax redemption.

similarly you can apply for the uniform tax rebate only if it is seen that the cost of washing your uniform is exceeding a certain amount. Usually this is two percent of the gross income of the taxpayers.Although the tax exemptions do not guarantee a huge savings, still whatever can be saved remains in your pocket. That is why various websites are offering unique solutions for claiming tax relief. And yes, take good care of your uniform because washing it might make you eligible for uniform tax rebate.

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