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Wonder he has always been busy

Update:24 Nov 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Th […]

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The whole city seems to have put on a piece of pink chiffon that has been soaked with love’s fragrance. Various colorful banners are everywhere in front of shops and restaurants, and roses and chocolate ads have filled up every corner of people’s eyes.On Feb. 14th, as a woman who had been married for two years, I was nervously waiting for my husband’s Valentine’s gift for me. He had been a romantic person, yet whose time had been mostly occupied by work. I looked forward to spending a romantic festival together with him, leaving the pressure from work and family behind.

I came to the building of his company, and waited in an opposite coffee bar for my beloved man. At five o’clock his handsome suit appeared in my eyesight, yet together with another familiar woman, my good friend Dora. They talked happily and joyfully for five minutes, before they both entered a cab and went away. “Why are they together without noticing me on this special day? Perhaps they have been together these days! No wonder he has always been busy recently! He must have been spending time together with my best friend Dora!” This thought came clearly and firmly into my heart. My eyes were blurred. Their happy smile and satisfied look was like daggers that stabbed into my heart.I came home sadly, throwing myself into the couch, waiting desperately for my husband to give me an explanation.

About one and a half hours later, he came home with a bunch of roses in his hands, and a sweet smile on his face. However, these did not cheer me up. He held out a box from his suit pocket and handed it to me. I received the box with unease and anxiety, as if I didn’t trust that this very man could bring me any joy any more.Anyhow, the moment I opened the box, the content inside it dazzled me. It was a beautiful and delicate silver silk scarf! “You will never guess how I got this idea,” said my husband gloriously, “Last time you mentioned your friend Dora was an expert of silk scarves. I asked for her help and picked this pretty Valentine’s gift for my dear wife.” “How stupid am I!&rdquo.

I blamed myself in my heart for not trusting him so easily and absurdly.It was a square silver silk scarf with some light grey stripes on it. The texture of it felt so soft and comfortable that I even wouldn’t let it go from my hands. The glossy and mellow look can move any women. I wrapped it around my neck, looking at the elegant and beautiful woman in the mirror, laughed again.Today I still feel guilty at my funny thoughts on that Valentine’s Day. However, my husband’s special and considerate thoughts brought me an unforgettable festival. From then on, I’ve developed a profound love for silk scarves. And in deed, they really are perfect Valentine’s gifts.

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